This site is for all creative students and professionals. Write to us about any queries. We’re forever looking to showcase inspiring work. It can be research paper, Final collection, article on fashion design, graphic design, product design, t-shirt graphics, pottery making, paintings, an ad campaign, and information on events, – anything you think is interesting and clutter-breaking and memorable from a design stand-point. We will give you the full credit of your work and showcasing your work to the world. If you think your work is worthy of a showcase in our website, we’re all eye.

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  1. Wao,launching a creative website of your own? What a majestic appearance Paramita! I believe, this will soon lift you to an enviable height. True that I have little idea about your world but this world of fantacies always haunts me and drags me to the dawn of human civilization when there was no clothes and our encestors had no options other than barks and leaves to wrap selected limbs. Even at that time,you have certainly noticed, fashions varied from person to person. Some one added artworks on leaves and barks, yet some others painted their bodies with natural herbs and mud to add sublimity to body-art. To me fashion always stands for culture and divinity. Your imagination and taste combined together developes a human body to the pick of creativity that the creator God’s greedy eyes also sigh in wonder to know ‘how was it possible?’
    Go ahead Paramita, success will be servent to you……Uncle.

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