Jutti is an Urdu word for a shoe with a closed upper attached to a sole. Juttis were first introduced by the Mughals and were extremely popular amongst the royalty. Exclusively handcrafted by skilled artisans who primarily hail from Punjab, the making of Juttis is a tedious task, involving a lot of different craftsmen. In previous time juttis were made from leather. Workers called mocchi were responsible for making the juttis. For this a substance called tannin which is extracted from back of babbol or kikkar trees was used. It is the tannery that made the animal hide becomes strong and water resistance and The Jutti have evolved into several localized design variation. Now with changing time jutti with rubber soles are also available.
There are various types of Punjabi Jutties
• Tilla jutti
• Mukstar and malaut jutti
• Patiala jutti
• Salim shahi jutti
• Lucky jutti
• Khussa jutti
• Kasuri jutti

In case you do have a Punjabi Jutti, we recommend you to have at least one pair of them. If you are a tourist then do not forget check this traditional foot wears. The original Punjabi Jutties are available in local shops in Amritsar and different parts of Punjab. They are also available in Crafts fairs and Delhi Hatt. The normal range of Punjabi Juttis starts form Rs. 300 to Rs 2000, and are also available websites like www.amazon.com and www.Filpkart.com.