Presently, we see a lot of ads on laundry additive, the most common one recently is fabric conditioners. The product promises to give life to your clothes after washing. Instructions on the product packaging shows that the fabric should be soaked after washing in a bucket of water plus certain quantity of fabric conditioner for 10 to 20 minutes. Certain fabric conditioners also have fruit or flower odour than remain even after wearing the fabric once or twice. The fabric conditioners are technically known was fabric softeners in the textile Industry.

Fabric softeners coat the fabric to increase its electrical conductivity, minimize static charges and decreases fabric stiffness. Some softeners incorporate compounds to minimize wrinkling during washing and drying. The types of fabric softeners include those added in the final rinse, those present in detergent, and those added in the dryer. The instructions for the use of any fabric softener need to be followed or problems may result. For example fabric softeners dryer sheets should be added to a cold dryer. If they are added to a warm or hot dryer, oil from the fabric softener may spot synthetic items. Fabric softeners have a tendency to build up on fabric as a result it may not be necessary to use a fabric softener every time a product is laundered. Every other time or every third time may be sufficient.