A zipper is a fastening device made with metal teeth or synthetic coils that make a complete closure by interlocking. There a different types of zippers available in the market. The type selected depends on the location of the zipper in the garment, the type of fabric and the design of the garment.

There are three basic types of zippers

  1. The Conventional Zipper
  2. The Invisible Zipper
  3. The Separating Zipper


The Conventional Zipper

The conventional zipper opens at the top and has a stop at the bottom. This style is available in a variety of lengths, and is used  in skirts,  neckline openings, trousers, slacks, pants, finished edges of fitted sleeves, the centre seam of a hood to convert a hood to a collar, long sleeves opening and horizontally for design, such as in pockets. This zipper is used for garment styles that require a top opening and a bottom closure.

The Invisible Zipper

The invisible zipper is similar to the conventional zipper, but because of its special coils is sealed in the seam. This zipper is used in garments to give a smooth continues seam line, on the lower edge opening of fitted sleeves  and also for a finished appearance of the garment , such as on matte jersey, velvet or lace.


The Separating Zipper




 As the name implies the separating zipper is open at both ends and is usually available in light weight to heavy weight. This zipper is used on detachable hoods, to separate linings from dual season coats and jackets, on snowsuits and leggings and whenever two sections of a garment separate completely, such as on a jacket, coat, vest or parka.