As an artist and designer I have always been looking for things which I can use to make art especially on a strict budget and when I can’t buy fancy supplies. My favourite thing is to recycle cardboards there are so many different ways to use them when working with painted surfaces and even on cloth to give textures.


Cardboard  recycled from food wrapping aluminium foil can be used. Even  toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls can also be used.

 1. Use as a stamp.


Dip it in paint and use it as a stamp- it is a really quick and easy way to add circles to your surface. In the second picture mold ,bend or manipulate the cardboard into simple shapes to give beautiful surface to cloth or your canvas.



Inspired by my own creation  start using your cardboard rolls to roll bubble wrap they make great polka dots.

2.  Wrap yarn and roll texture on your surface.





3. Scrunch cling film wrap around a roll.

 Once the is film wraped  around a roll and cover in paint then roll it on the desired surface.



4. 3 D paints on roll.

One of my favourite and best done with (3D paints) paint the cardboard roll with desired design and while the paint is wet roll it across your surface it leaves a beautiful texture specially when used on clothes.