Rajish .K. Ravindran, student of Master in Design from NIFT, has created an interesting project on experiencial design. FDS is thankful to him for sharing the brief about the project for our Research category. I hope this article will benefit the fashion students working on experiential design projects.

PROJECT: Memorable visual experience inside NIFT, New Delhi Campus

 The design brief is to create a memorable visual experience for NIFT New Delhi campus. Since the area for the design intervention is critical, foyer has been selected as it is a first impression and corporate image factor of the institute. For readers we would like to inform you, Foyer is the entrance near reception of National Institute of Fashion technology and students hangout at free time. Also foyer is an area inside the campus where people are welcomed, interact and depart from.

Taking design elements from ‘Sri Chakra’ the Indian worshipping tool, worked on design explorations. Sri Chakra is a worshipping tool used in Hindu religion, Buddhism and Jainism also. This representation believes to bring out positive energy, integrity and growth.

Mood Board


                                                                     Client Board


 Sri chakra

Circle, Square, Triangle are used to project symbolically the various ethos related to the three main course streams of Design, Management and Technology. These three geometrical shapes are further taken to graphic explorations along with Indian vivid colour palette and finally resulted creating a visual experience.



                                                               Final design for the wall of foyer.




Only a part of the design process has been discussed in this article. Rajish has designed concepts for the  walls, celling and pillar of foyer for NIFT for his project.



The project is a copyright of Rajish. In case you are interested to know more about the project. You can mail him on his email id at