New project for easy marbleized paper we can make at home for different all purpose use. It is super easy and just need one product easily available in market. While personally trying this project I discovered the paper made out of this can be used for your design assignments and also for wrapping paper, tags, place cards and can be used on Christmas ornaments.



1. Start with a bucket or vessel large enough to fit your paper. Fill with about 2-3 inches of water in the vessel.




2. Using spray paint, mist the surface of the water (this should be done outside with lots of ventilation or while wearing a mask).  Add more colour to the surface of the water.

3. Let the colours blend together, shake the bucket to break colour up or even use a stir stick to create swirls and designs.

4. Place paper onto the surface of the water and quickly remove. Spray paint, even on the surface of water dries

quickly so you have to work fast.






I used large sheets of water colour paper and found that using a more absorbent paper like water colour paper or card stock works best.




5. The result is a colourful, fast drying piece of marbleized paper to use in all kinds of projects. The coolest thing about this technique is that it can also be used on glass ornaments and the spray paint will dry permanent and not flake off! Simply dip the ornament into the surface of the colour ful water!