In FDS we try to introduce our designer friends with new technologies, which they can use for their design projects. Today we will talk about pad printing. I am really thankful to Mr Ashwani Mehta, one of the Directors at Spinks world for sharing with us how print can be transferred to any type of surface and material except plastic.

Mr Ashwani Mehta is very passionate about this work, constantly working with the Research and Development Dept to come up with new technologies and designer products. He shared with us his knowledge in this field and is very encouraging that upcoming designers can use pad printing as setting up a unit for pad printing is  not that expensive and Spinks world also provides services and suggests how to set up a printing unit in an economical way. According to Mr. Mehta the technical term of the process of pad printing is also known as process of sublimation. This printing method is used for making customized gifts. I am sure almost everyone has seen the gift shops where they print customized images like motifs, personal photographs on mugs, watches, wall clock, pillow covers, wooden tray, etc.

Well we found this printing is easy and a whole range of products can be easily made for a design project. The technique is fast, quick and not messy.

Spinks world is a group of companies providing the customers with complete service and technical know-how has been the hallmark of Spinks India’s strategy. Towards the same objective, the company has developed a printing and sales showroom in Gurgaon in the outskirts of Delhi, India. This 10,000sq. ft. facility has been designed to display and demonstrate the use of various products. It is fully equipped with all printing related facilities viz. plate making unit, blue zone, ink matching center, design studio, machine display and many others.
The center also boasts of its display unit for giving live demonstrations.

In the business of being different:

  1. “Sealed ink cup” pad printing machines. Lasers for marking and engraving and other accessories related to lasers.
  2. pad printing and screen printing inks for Indian Subcontinents & Middle East.
  3. U.V. Compact disc printing inks.
  4. U.V. Screen printing inks.
  5. Conventional, but specialized pad and screen inks for plastics, glass, metal etc.
  6. Screen printing inks for sticker and label industry.

7. Introduced corona discharge systems for treatment of polyolefins from Arcotec.

8. Cosmetic containers and chemicals weighing scales and designer office accessories    from Jacob Maul GmbH

9. Aromatic micro encapsulated fragrances

10. 24 carat gold plated logos

11. Printed balloons

12. Printed stickers

13. Spray paints and lacquers

14. Services like in-house facilities for designing studio, quick cliche making, drum cliche making, customized pads and research and development for testing and matching for different substrates. Spinks World also provides technical assistance at their showroom located in Gurgaon, India.


Sublimation is the process in which the print is transferred to the surface of the product.

There are four steps :

  1. Using a digital camera or scanner, input the image into a computer.
  2. Using graphic software, adjust the image to the measurement of the product area to be printed.
  3. Using the appropriate inkjet printer, with dye-sublimation ink. Print image onto sublimation paper.
  4. Using appropriate heat press, either for a mug, plate, rocks, metal, wood or any flat items, press the image on to the substrate for a few minutes. The print will be transferred to the surface of the product.


Following products can be made with the process of sublimission. The creative juices needs to flow, imagine a image, art work, photograph, design that needs to transferred on a product.

  1. Mugs
  2. Two Tone Mugs
  3. Colour Changing Mugs
  4. Sports Bottles / Clippers
  5. Wooden Products
  6. Bone China Plates
  7. Puzzles
  8. Ceramic Tiles
  9. Metals
  10. Beer Glass
  11. Shot  Glass

         12. Glass Photo Frame

         13. Wrought Iron Products

         14. Rocks

         15. Crystals

         16. Colour Changing Glass



The Colour changing mugs are the latest experiential design products. The colour changes with temperature change. So as you pour hot tea, coffee, milk or any hot beverage in the mug, the colour changes. As you sip the hot beverage and after drinking as the temperature of the mug comes down, it regains it’s previous colour. So in the entire process of drinking, hot beverage gives different experience to the person using the mug, unlike when the client uses a normal colour mug.

Example 1.








For more information on products and information on pad printing, you may visit http://www.spinksworld.com/.