Foams are made by incorporating air into elastic like substance. Polyurethane is most common. The outstanding characteristics of foams are their bulkiness and sponginess. They are used as carpet backing and underlays, furniture padding, and pillow forms and are laminated to fabric for apparel and furnishing textiles. Shredded foam is used to stuff accent pillows and toys.

Polyurethane foams are made with a wide range of physical properties, from very stiff to rubbery. The size of the air cells can be controlled. Polyurethane foam yellows when exposed to sunlight but does not lose its usefulness and durability. Foams are relatively weak and are not used by themselves. Reacting diisocyanate with a compound containing two or more hydroxyl groups and a suitable catalyst produces polyurethane foam. Chemicals and foaming is formed , it is cut into blocks 200 to 300 yards long, and strips of the desired thickened are cut from these blocks.

This list briefly summarizes foams.

1.  Foams are made by incorporating air into elastic like substance. Rubber and polyurethane are the most commonly used foams.

2.  Foams are lofty, springy, bulky material, too weak to be used without backing or covering.

3.  Foams are used in pillow, chair cushions, mattress, carpet padding, and apparel.