Recently i was taking  a module on design process and one project was– Creative Draping using unconventional materials.

The theme was Carnival, and as the name and the theme the project turned to be very colour ful and dramatic. I just loved the ways the students draped on the dressforms.



The best thing about teaching designing is you never get bored. Unlike teaching general subjects where the answers or projects of every student is definite and predictable. It’s only  the Design teachers who enjoy the privileged of having different outcomes. from the same class working on the same theme. Theme was Carnival and different groups have used different materials, and came up with their own version. Lets have a look.


Faculty; Paramita Mazumder


Module: Design Process.


Institute: NIFT, Evening courses.


Students: jyoti,  anchal,  shweta,  aakanksha,  mariyum, neha, Iba, Nelai