Valentines day is to celebrate love. Happy and lovely couples all around. Malls and shops flooded with cards, cakes, gifts, red roses, heart shaped balloons, heart shaped pillows.


If you are single are you feeling down? Just because you don’t have a boy friend. As you are passing donw the lane and you see the floral shops full of red roses and the shopkeeper looking at you as if you are going to the buy the roses and you really wish you had some one to give these roses. And suddenly it seems too much happening and the entire city conspiring against you!!! CHILL……………….


I will show you how to make you feel good.


First do and rush to the nearest beauty parlor or do it at your home.


  1. Good head message followed by shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Cleaning, scrubbing and a face pack if you are at home. And if in a parlor go for a glow facial.
  3. Clean hands and feet. Go for a pedicure and manicure and paint you nails with shades of red. FDS recommends you to add nail art with heart shapes.
  4. Time for make up——– paint you lips red or pink. Blow dry you hair keep it open.
  5. Select your clothes that make you look sexy and different. FDS recommend red colour gowns, short shift dress, or a red glittery top with your pair of jeans, A- Line skirts.
  6. Wear accessories that will compliment your Dress. FDS recommends metallic bracelets, neck pieces that will cling to your neck, Hanging ear loops. Don’t forget to use a nice perfume.
  7.  Now the most important thing, buy a red rose or a bunch of roses and put in a vase in your room. Appreciate the beauty of the flower see it and don’t for get to smell it.
  8. Call few single friends share and laugh. Invite few close friends for a orivate single’s party and couples strictly not allowed.
  9. Click photos and don’t share it on facebook and wait for the comments.


Trust me you will love it. This Valentine’s day FDS’s   mantra is  love your self and pamper your self.