Don’t we love it when Brad Pitt gets off the horse carriage in his white linen shirt, beige linen trousers, black Ray Ban shades AND his oh so sexy Fedora hat ?..or how about THE Diva Madonna and her super chic Fedora Hat teamed with her body hugging pair of denims and check shirt? Dream look eh ? 😉  Everyone wears linen, everyone dons a Ray Ban but how many have you actually seen sporting a sexy Fedora Hat with style ?  I’m sure a very few, right? And those few that do sport one with style get their names etched in our mind as style icons ……. That’s the magic of the Fedora!

But that’s how it is !! A Fedora Hat is meant for those who have that X factor inside of them to carry it off with elan and confidence …… but how does one ensure that he/she is sporting the right one? Lets see if we can help you in this, what say ? 🙂

Before you decide on a Fedora for yourself, there are a few selection criterions which will help you choose the right one …. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Complexion

Choose a color that suits your skin tone. Don’t go for an unflattering color which might ruin your face completely because  Fedora is a hat that almost touches your face when you wear it. A shade in slight contrast is good. Not too contrast please….. 🙂

2.  Shape of your face

If your face is round or square, then opt for a Fedora with a slightly taller crown.

3. However, if your face is oblong in shape, you might wish to try one with a shorter crown.



4. Body structure

If you are short and petite, opt for a smaller sized Fedora. However, if you are broader along the shoulders and hips, then opt for a broader one. In this case you could also wear a Fedora with a little detailing on it to balance the body structure

5. Wear the right size

If your Fedora covers your ears, you definitely need a smaller size. If it makes your scalp itch coz it’s sitting too tight, time to grab a bigger size.



6. Wear it at the right angle

A Fedora is ideally to be worn at a slight angle. However the correct angle depends on the shape of your face. So keep trying different angles until you are able to spot the right angle in which it is to be worn.

7.Make sure your hairstyle is such that it does NOT get messed up when you remove the hat after reaching your destination. Girls, either leave your hair open and brushed neatly or tie a side low pony tail or even a side bun is a good option. Its less messy and looks urben chic !

So what are you waiting for ….. get those sexy Fedora’s out and step out in style !