If you want more drama, you can always wear false eyelashes. They come in strips, individual’s flares, and individual strands.

If you’d like that flirtatious frankly fake look for evening, use the stripes, because they are the most noticeable.

 It’s best to apply eyeliner before you stripe eyelashes so you can see exactly where to place them, and to prevent any skin from showing between your natural lashes and the false ones. The closer you place them to your natural lash line, the more natural they’ll appear. You can follow with a liquid liner to help disguise the lash band.

The flares are more natural-looking than strips, but our preference is for individual strands lashes. They look the most natural, and they are the ones typically used for most mascara advertisements. You simply apply them directly on top of your own lashes to extend the length.

There are many fancy eyelashes that are colored or having feather attached, save those eyelashes for a fancy dress party, carnival or when you want to make a extra dramatic statement.


 1. Use a black mascara on the upper lashes and brown on the lower ones, because brown looks less harsh.

 2. Make certain coat your lashes with mascara at the inner corners and the very outer corner. These are the two areas that many women miss.

3.  Two or three thinly applied coats of mascara are far more effective than a single clumpy one.




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