Ideally skin tone can be of four category— fair, medium, olive, ebony.


It is important that the shade of your lipstick compliments your skin tone. When it comes to choosing a lip colour, size definitely matters. If you have full, beautiful lips, yu can wear darker shades as long as they compliment your skin tone. Wear lighter shades of lip colour on thin lips to make them look fuller. We have provided a chart that will help you in finding the perfect lip shades for you.

Fair Glossy transparent pink, light peach, honey, beige
Medium Medium pinks, light mocha, caramel, delicate red, medium apricots, tabgy peach.
Olive Strong red, deep rose, berry, toffee, mahogany, dark apricots, brown red
Ebony Deep brownish red, deep berry, deep fuchsia, golden beige.

Skin tone is very important to consider before choosing a lip colour. Women with ivory skin tones should not wear chocolate brown lipsticks, for example because it can age you and appear unnatural— a woman with ivory skin should never have that much brown in her lips. Women with bronze skin tones should not wear pale, frosty lip shades, because they make lips appear ashy and artificial.

Two more things to remember : Dark lip colour age you faster than any other makeup poduct. And warmer, more colourful lipstick  choices always make you appear younger because thye bring out  the warm tones in your skin. And add life to your face. So lighten up and have fun with your lip colour. The beauty of wearing lipstick is that it adds life to your face and makes it appear healthy and alive.

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