Every Fashion Designer should have a fashion sketch book where they can make quick sketches of designs when it comes in mind. The fashion sketchbook or design journal is a great supplement to the portfolio. It is the documentation of the thinking process of the designer, it demonstrates quick drawing skills and colour/ fabrics sensitivity. It can also include accessory ideas, makeup and hairstyles of the model for the final collection. The sketches are often not perfectly drawn, or need they be to get a concept across. Fashion students can include their fashion journal or fashion sketch book in their portfolio. The placement of the design journal should be at the end of the portfolio. You can include the portfolio binder and work it into a portfolio presentation for variations.

How to make a Fashion Journal or Fashion Sketch book?

1. Size of a fashion journal may be of different sizes A4, A3 or a smaller size that you can carry while traveling. Ideally a fashion journal is not heavier so  keep limited pages maximum 50 pages of travel and carry your fashion journal with you.

2. The paper for a fashion journal can be plain white paper, combination of plain paper or lines on paper where you can jot down your ideas. To make it visually appealing it can be made of hand-made papers usually in light colors, where if you write you thoughts it is clearly visual. Best part is to combine different types of papers cut in same size and binded together.

3. Create a cover page with your name on it. It is very important to put you name since this fashion journal is a bank of your creative ideas. If you are traveling its advisable to put your phone number of address at the back of the journal so that in case you lose it. It is advisable to put a copy right with your name and the year so that it a evident that this journal belongs to  you.

4. You can sketch your ideas, put colour chips, fabrics, stick photograph that inspire you. You are the creator and there is no end to what you can do. Welcome to the world of creativity.

5. And if you are thinking you don’t have a design journal and you have been putting your sketches in lose pages. So its not time to get organized. Get all those lose papers and put it together. You can do binding or create a folder where you can keep on adding new pages. Your Design Journal is ready for use.

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