Mood board also known as theme or concept board is page that tells the designer’s story. Fashion designers mainly use a variety of photographic images to get inspired to work on every line of new collection. Anything that sparks the designer’s creativity  process. These can vary according nd imagination is a appropriate inspirational material. Research photos, both historical and current , may be used to show the designer’s creativity how literally the designer wishes to express the “mood” Fabric/colour swatches are often included with research and tied into the overall colour story of the photos, indication both colour sensitivity and coordination ability. An image of the customer is also frequently included to show the customer “ type” and targeted market.





How to make a mood board?


Every Designer works on a collection. A collection can consist of minimum 6 dresses to maximum 20 or more dresses. All the dresses belong to a similar theme . The dresses can different but should look like as if they belong to the same theme or family.



1.Select a season —- In fashion industry there are basically 3 seasons

  • spring summer
  • Autumn Winter
  • Fall winter



2. Select a theme ;

Theme can be of different types. There are unlimited themes a Designer can work upon. What ever topic inspires a designer can be a theme the designer work up on.

E.g— Nature, Retro Fashion, Floral, Dimension, Disco etc,



3. Select photographs related to your  theme. Be careful in selecting the best photos with good aesthetic since these pictures will the base and inspire the designer to design the collection. Silhouettes, prints, surface ornamentation of fabric of the collection will be inspired from the photographs.











4. Now paste all the photographs on a board. You can also stick colour stickers or pantone chips or fabric swatches that inspire you on the mood board if you are not separately making a colour board. A mood board can also be digital and can be made on computers using photoshop.