Socks is derived from the Latin word Soccus and the Middle English word Socce. They are mainly used to keep the feet warm, control perspiration of the feet, protect the feet and is also used to create a personal style statement.

Let me take this opportunity to share with you the tips on how to wear your socks in style!


Formal Wear

  1. If your pair of trousers/Suit is in solid color, please wear socks in either solid colors or patterned.

Please note that the color of your socks must always match the color of your A. Shoes, or, B. Trousers.

Even if you cannot match it exactly, let the color of the socks be at least a shade darker or lighter than the color of the trousers.

Golden Tip : Its always a good idea to own at least one pair of socks in Argyle Pattern. These usually come in a 3 color combination which means you it will go with at least 3 of your suits. Example : The white, grey and black Argyle pattern socks shown below will work easily for suits which are in –


1.White/light grey








2. Mid grey to Charcoal to Black









3. Argyle pattern socks look best when worn with solid color trousers/suits








You could choose from shades of Black, Grey, Brown, Blue depending on the color of the trouser

  1. If your pair of trousers/Suit is in stripes, please try and wear socks in a solid color at a self on self pattern at the most (ref : pic)

Please note that the color of your socks must either match the color of you’re a. Shoes, or, B. Trousers ….. or they must be at least a shade darker or lighter than the color of your trousers/Suit








Golden Rule while selecting socks with formal wear

White Socks + Black Shoes = Not any longer J .. err unless you are an expert at moonwalk like MJ !







Casual Wear & Sports Wear


1. With Denims, Chinos, Linen Trousers

Wear cotton socks. The color, pattern can depend on the style of the shoes. If you’re wearing leather shoes, stick to patterned socks. The colors could vary from formal shades to a mix and match of bright colors which match with your shirt or t shirt.









2. With Shorts

If you’re wearing trainers/sneakers, ankle high  socks in white or any shade matching your t shirt is good. Don’t be afraid to go for bright and lovely colors in this category.









… and that completes the list !



I hope you find this useful while putting together your clothes and accessories the next time you head for that important business meeting or that get together at your neighbour’s !


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