How often have you paid attention to the sleeve of your garment? Sleeve have been used as a device for changing the silhouette of garments throughout the history of fashion. A oversized exaggeration s fashion changes so does the sleeves. Link in 1880s leg-of mutton sleeve was very popular, in 1920s a sleeve with a darted or extended cap was in. while in 1940s the sleeve was smooth and included padded shoulders ranging from square and tailored. In 1950s there was a return to a natural shoulder with minimal padding.


Let us have a look at different kind of sleeves.


Cap sleeves










Cap sleeve is a  jut away from the arm. The shape of the cap sleeve can be shaped in variety of ways.



Puff sleeves











Puff sleeve has fullness added to the body  and are designed with gathers at the hemline.



Lantern sleeves












Lantern sleeve is a two section sleeve that flares out from the cap and hemline to a style line within the sleeve.



Bishop Sleeve











The bishop is a billowy sleeve that hangs gracefully over the arm from a smooth cap.



Leg of  mutton












Leg of mutton is developed by enlarging the biceps and cap area, tapering the fullness towards the elbow level.













A- bell sleeve has a smooth cap and a hemline flaring out in the shape of a bell.












Petal sleeve is shaped and resembles a petal as the sleeve sectios cross over each other at the cap.














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