In the market there are a variety of swimwears available. Fashion Designers are experimenting every day to bring new variations in terms of use of fabric- from cotton to knits, cuts, prints, textures and colours. In this article we will discuss about the basic foundations of swimwear. From time to time there has been a change in the form of the swim wear line in the nineteenth century swimwear covered the entire figure from neck to ankle with fluctuated between the knee and the ankle, which was inconvenient for swimming.  With passing time swimwear were covering less of the body which was allowed complete movement of the body while swimming.

For a fashion designer or  a patternmaker it is important to know that there are four basic foundation of swimwear. From these foundations a designer can create new lines or versions of swim wears.

The four basic foundations are as follows:

1. Maillot foundation

The cut of the leg line encircles the leg starting of crotch level and ends at varying distance above crotch level, and ends at varying distance above crotch level at the side. This one piece suit is usually cut in stretchy knits and clings closely to the figure’s contour. The maximum stretch goes around the figure rather than up and down. Very little stretch is required in the length of the garment. The little or no bust space.


2. Bikini foundation












The cut of the legline of the two- piece bikini encircles the leg starting at croth level, and ends at varying distances above crotch level at the side. It can be cut in nay fabric. The bra top can be developed with underwire or have little or no bust support.


3. Little- boy leg line foundation

A one- piece or two- piece (separated at or just below the waistline) foundation has legline ending at the shorts or shorty-short length.  Since the foundation is developed with waist and side dart control, the bust cups can be added for support, if firm knits( littlee strrtch). This is also an excellent base for tennis garments and bust is defined through the use.


4.Full- figured foundation









The one piece foundation has leg line ending at crotch level. Since the foundation is developed with waist dart control, the  bust defined through the use of darts. Bust cups are inserted. This foundation is often used as the base for full bodied or matured figure. It can be cut in all fabrics. It can be cut in all fabrics. The leg line is often distinguished by a short skirt stretched across the leg line just below crotch level.  



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