Most of the people confuse a Fashion Designer with a Tailor. The reason may be both use the same tools and the end product is the apparel/ dress/ garment. However there is huge difference in how they work. The tailors directly take measurement of the client and stitch the clothes according to the design given by the client. The Fashion Designer on the other hand is the creator of a new design. The Designer takes inspiration from different themes and draws new ideas. Most of us have seen how the Tailor works, but not many are aware how a Fashion Designer does lot of planning and follows specific process to make the final garment. So it has to be clear that we should not confuse that the Tailors and Fashion Designers are same. Many Fashion Designers call them self sophisticated Tailors.

1. A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally A fashion designer conceives garment combinations of line, proportion, colour, and texture. While sewing and pattern-making skills are beneficial, they are not a pre-requisite of successful fashion design. Most fashion designers are formally trained or apprenticed.
2. A tailor makes customized dress for a client who walks in his shop. Fashion Designers usually works on seasons to develop a collection of garments, which require a lot of planning studying   forecast and the market study. A designer may also make customized dress for a client.
3. A tailor usually makes dresses which the client might select from what the celebrities wears published in magazines, news papers. A Fashion Designer designs original clothes, which also has their label on it.